JsonRPC 2 PHP: a php jsonRPC2 Server

Some time ago I wanted a standard for all my ajax RPC requests for my PHP projects. After searching the web, I found the JsonRPC2 standard (http://www.jsonrpc.org/spec.html) To my knowledge there wasn’t a good client-server library available for jsonRPC2 for use with php and javascript. So I wrote one. You can find the project here [...]

Opsview REST API client for javascript

Opsview REST API client for javascript

After moving our Opsview server to a “real” server (before it was a virtual machine, begging for more RAM), I started experimenting with the REST API of Opsview. First in PHP. Was fun but I wanted to load the data dynamically in javascript. So, I wrote a javascript client class for the Opsview REST API. It works [...]

Ney year, new projects!

First of all, Happy freakin’ new year! I hope that 2011 as some awesome suprises for you,a good health, and other stuff you’re wishing for Second, For this new year i’ve got some new years resolutions I would like to talk about.