ESXi 4 monitoring possible? I say YES! (finally)

This week my job was  to set up an esxi 4 server with some virtual servers (2 windows, 1 linux). Those 3 clients we can monitor, but the esxi 4 ? I tought no way!

After some searching in thé interweb, i found this link:


i thought:”Hey if I delete the .healthSystemRuntime.systemHealthInfo.numericSensorInfo from that line and put in my Ip ..”


I get an very nice WebInterface to browse the xml (!) documents from that esxi!

you can view:

  • Virtual server states
  • host RAID information
  • host temperature
  • CPU use
  • Memory use
  • etc ..

But, your host hardware must be fully supported by esxi, otherwise your boned. Normally, Vmware ESXi 4 supports all a-server products, so if you got yourself an a-server class, your’e good! 🙂

What have we learned today:

  1. ESXi has a funky web interface for browsing his config My guess is that the xml structure is used by VSphere client to control and manage your virtual machines. Sooo .. Why can’t we use it?

  2. First line of the file is junk-html, to give you that funky web-ui, next is all xml! How funky is that? Whe can parse the xml with, let’s say, perl, to give you a nice nagios output from the state of the, let’s say, RAID!

  3. You can monitor anything, you just need to look where you need to look Ok not the easiest part, but remember: google is your friend!


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  • Unennagrotomo-online

    goede start

  • subutux

    @Unennagrotomo-online: Was een foutje gebeurd bij hetpubliceren van de post 😉

    volledige post staat er nu 🙂

  • StephSD3

    I told our lokal Linux-guy that you managed to monitor it, and he said he'd take a look at it 😀

    (heheh, btw: thanx for helping the competition :P)

    • subutux

      😀 i got the code right here for nagios … but nope, not gonna give it :p especially not to you 😀

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