Fake nagios check plugin

Wanted to demo something or just test Nagios? Here is a plugin written in php (so you need the package php5-cli) that ‘checks’ the values written in an ini file. View the source for more information  and functionality 😉

New Version! New Function! Oelala!

New function: random values!

How it works:

in the ini file, set the val to something like this:

val = "30~50"

The script wil generate a random number between the two given numbers, to make the output of the script less static.

Try it out! (it works :D)

And now it also checks if the ini file exists..

UPDATE2: forgot the $critical value in the preformance data .. fixed.

UPDATE: I was stupid but have an update 😉

I Forgot to add the exits to the end of the script.. Fixed now! Sorry guy’s! Download v0.2 . (yeah, I’m a guy who keeps all his versions :D)


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