configuring transmission-daemon: the easy way

@ home I’ve transmission-daemon running. Created my own settings.json file and altered the default configs to make it work my way. After an update, transmission-daemon wouldn’t accept my configuration.. Partly ..In some (freaky) way, the update script altered my configuration and changed my default download directory and some other stuff (like authentication for rpc is default off [wtf??!]) .. after changing all the settings back, starting transmission-daemon, it still uses the wrong download dir.. So I started freaking out..

After some experimenting, monitoring, debugging I managed to generate a perfect settings.json file with transmission-gtk!

quite simple to do, just follow the steps:

  • make the following changes:
go to ~/.config/transmission and rename settings.json to settings.json.bak or something
  • startup transmission bittorrent client(placed in the menu under ‘internet’)
  • make changes to the config, especially pay attention to the web interface settings!
  • close transmission-gtk
  • do the following in the terminal
sudo useradd transmissiond
sudo mkdir -p /home/transmissiond/.config/transmission
sudo cp ~/.config/transmission/settings.json /home/transmissiond/.config/transmission/
sudo chown -R transmissiond:transmissiond /home/transmissiond/.config/transmission/
  • change the /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon file
change the var USER=transmission-debian to USER=transmissiond
  • change /etc/default/transmission-daemon
change CONFIG_DIR to "/home/transmissiond/.config/transmission"

start your transmission daemon by executing `sudo service transmission-daemon start` and check the syslog (tail -f /var/log/syslog) for problems 😉

Your transmission-daemon should be fully running with your config (Jippii!)

Problems? Ask away 😉 use the comment section or mail me at subutux-at-gmail-dot-com 😉

BONUS: Autotrans: A nice firefox plugin for transmission! right-click on a torrent link and choose “torrent it!” . It’s waauw! It’s funcky! It’s Xtra Xtra Xtra! Download here .

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  • StephSD3

    Dude! Fan- (wait for it..) -Tastic !!!!!

    only thing you left out was that when you edit the settins.json file, you should also check the download dir manually (I don't have the same users on my server as on my laptop)

    but now I'm just bitching about details.. ^^

    Thank you! (I owe you a beer or 2 muhaha)

  • subutux

    @StephSD3 yeah true.. here and there you'll have to make your own way around things. I can't write a perfect howto for every damn system 😉 i wish i could though, would be awesome! 😀

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