gitorious welcomes subutux-cli

In a way of celebrating the 1 year development of subutux-cli, i’ve posted the code @ gitorious. Feel free to download it, use it, etc. but please leave me a note when you are planning to use it 😉

git clone git://

And because the usage of php in function of ajax is a little outdated (not using the powerful Json Juice etc.) and the security is rather low (plain text password entry in the cli), I’m planning to do a whole rewrite of the subutux CLI with at his base the jQuery wterm plugin with some motifications (to use json back and forth with php).

Wterm is much more stable then ajax term (where subutux-cli was originally based on). It has build in history support, autocomplete support and … *trrrrrrrr* … the ability to make interactive functions! (still got to work this out tough, to make the server.php work with this structure, hence, complete rewrite of the code)

So wterm is perfect for me, all I have to do is make it work with json, make php functions for it, some sort of interactive mode sync between php and js and the joyfull program making can begin!


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