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CopyCat 0.1 ß

Ever got in the situation where you needed to “copy” something from your pc to your iPhone or Android mobile device ?

Trust me .. Me to .. It’s sometimes so frustrating that there isn’t a simple function/app for this. Ok, you got dropbox, readitlater, etc.. but there so .. loady. What I mean with loady is there crammed with functions and tools and gadgets that you don’t need if you just wanted to copy some text from your pc to you’re mobile device..

Now you can! As simple as pressing ctrl+v, tab, enter!

  1. go to on your pc.
  2. press ctrl+v. your clipboard text will appear in the textarea
  3. press tab and hit enter (or press the “copy!” button)
  4. you’ll get your clipboard 4-digit key.
  5. go with your iPhone or android to
  6. enter the 4-digit key you got from your pc.
  7. tap “paste!”
  8. there you are. the text you entered in your pc now appears on your iphone. Select it, and copy it 😉

note: this is still in beta stage. I’m trying to make the steps less long so subscribe to our rss feed for updates.

Bug reports can be send to . Enjoy! Leave a comment 🙂


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