Copycat – the next generation

Now that copycat is online for a few days now, I started thinking how to expand the functionality of copycat. Yes, copy from the iphone to the pc is coming .. But other stuff like:

  • Automatic link detection
  • automatic event detection, creation of ical file
  • automatic contact info detection, creation of vcard file

these are some ideas .. lemme know what you think about it. also, I upgarded copycat silently to counter DoS attacks and database flooting.. You never know ..

For those people who want to copy from iphone to pc, I made a workaround. in your iPhone go to . Now you get the pc’s interface and you can enter text and ‘copy’ it.

On your pc go to , and you’ll get the iphone interface. It’s a nasty hack and I don’t know if the iphone interface works in Internet Explorer… But who uses that these days 😉



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