CopyCat – introducing ALD

2 Posts ago I was talking about auto link detection, auto date (ical) detection and auto contact (vcard) detection.

One of those 3 is done.. Almost.. Just need some finetuning to do.. ALD Auto Link Detection. Let me walk you trough:

When a copy is pasted over CopyCat, before I deliver your paste, i scan it for links .. Links that start with http:// or https:// . When it finds such link, it detects it type. For now i’ve implemented only two types: url and youtube video.

Now when there are links detected, it determines the type of the link by doing a curl or simple regex . Here, it detects a normal url and a youtube vid and shows you the links in the iphone/andriod webapp underneath the pasted data for an even quicker access and a quicker user experience .

Normal links shows it in a native iphone menu and youtube vids in an youtube iphone vid container. i still need to see what it looks like on the andriod side though. It’s a quick hack so it needs a bit of finetuning. The tricky thing here is that i’m using the iphone youtube content parcer. When it detects an embed with a
Youtube link in it, it converts it to a mp4 youtube native iphone container.

I’ll keep you posted!


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