Introducing IsoHunt Mobile, a PoC [Update2]

Whenever I need do download a torrent, I go to isohunt. Isohunt is a torrent site that catalogs a wide range of torrent sites all in one place. And they have a public API. Also, I’ve always wanted to test out jQuery Mobile, It’s a universal theming/javascript platform/class that works with a wide range of mobile devices out of the box! (android,iPhone,blackberry,…). Here was my chance to make somthing usefull. I started coding a simple mobile interface for Isohunt. A searchbar. Results where fetched via the public API (json whohoow!) and drawed in a nice list layout. Then I tought, hey, let’s combine this with transmission ! It also has a public API (also json, Double Wohoow!) so after 4 hours of coding, I’ve got my PoC (Proof of Concept).

It works. Test it out! (open in this browser, or your mobile device)

Don’t forget to configure your transmission settings (Saved in local cookies, no data is kept on my server)

Leave a comment and lemme know what you think!

Update: Apparently isohunt has blocked me from their api 🙁 Not cool dudes, NOT COOL!

Update2: Apparently isohunt changed there API and uses a header redirect now. Fixed it!




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  • Antoun Sehnaoui

    Thank you for all these information.

  • Sixshooter

    It’s a great concept but I can’t get it to work with transmission.
    Please explain how.
    Ie what’s the host?

    • subutux

      Your host is your home external IP. The port of the transmission webui must be forwarded and available to the outside world.

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