Ney year, new projects!

First of all, Happy freakin’ new year!
I hope that 2011 as some awesome suprises for you,a good health, and other stuff you’re wishing for 😉

Second, For this new year i’ve got some new years resolutions I would like to talk about.


After all, this is a coding blog 😉

I’ve got some projects “running” that are never/allmost worked out or stalled that i like to finnish.


For those who’ve got the dev url and experimented with our latest build, i’m pleased to announce that the dev build will be the last build. All things are in place (and working) so I’m proud to say, Copycat is finnished! The new version will be pushed to you when i activate the new build. More on that later on.


Yes, i’m building a handbrake server! thanks to a friend of my (stephsd3) i’ve now access to a cloud based enviroment build on some blade servers, perfectly for converting movies rapidly & pure testing. I’ve started to work things out, designing the freakin’ thing, background coding and it looks good! There will be a server and a client based app. The client, coded in Adobe AIR, will upload your movie, allows you to alter the convertion setttings, covert the movie and notifies you when it’s done. A lot of coding needs to be done so, this could take a while. (especially on the server side).

Cli tools & commands & shell scripts

Yep, I will keep posting some command line tools etc. for you to hack on/use.


Oh yes! There will be reviews of apps/plugins/scripts/code/methods/… this year.

So this is what i’m up to for this year. The only difference from last year is that i’ll try more to finnish my running projects/ideas.

Happy 2011!


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