install proftpd with web ui on ubuntu 10.04

Last night I was searching around for a good ftp server with good access control,quota support and logging and stumbled upon ProFTPD. ProFTPD is a advanced ftp server that is extendible with modules and the config is pretty straight  forward (markup us equal to that from apache.conf). I also found a good web ui for […]

configuring transmission-daemon: the easy way

@ home I’ve transmission-daemon running. Created my own settings.json file and altered the default configs to make it work my way. After an update, transmission-daemon wouldn’t accept my configuration.. Partly ..In some (freaky) way, the update script altered my configuration and changed my default download directory and some other stuff (like authentication for rpc is […]

Welkom bij!

Welkom op! Hier zal ik mijn linux tips&tricks posten, handige scripts, projecten, enz.. Het huidige project waar ik aan bezig ben is phpcli. Een command line interface in je webbrowser op Deze is maakt gebruik van jQuery (javascript), ajax calls naar een php-server document dat de output van de commands verwerkt. Probeer het […]