Snipplet: PHP logging

I use this script often to debug my php applications & scripts where console output/ web browser output can’t be done (like debugging ajax signals). This logging function has the following features: Custom log location: define the relative path for your logfile. Make sure the path is writable for the webserver user (under ubuntu this […]

install proftpd with web ui on ubuntu 10.04

Last night I was searching around for a good ftp server with good access control,quota support and logging and stumbled upon ProFTPD. ProFTPD is a advanced ftp server that is extendible with modules and the config is pretty straight  forward (markup us equal to that from apache.conf). I also found a good web ui for […]

Introducing IsoHunt Mobile, a PoC [Update2]

Whenever I need do download a torrent, I go to isohunt. Isohunt is a torrent site that catalogs a wide range of torrent sites all in one place. And they have a public API. Also, I’ve always wanted to test out jQuery Mobile, It’s a universal theming/javascript platform/class that works with a wide range of […]

Explaining the usage advantages of json

For some time now, json has become a standard “protocol” that allows php and javascript to communicate between each other. (and the other way around). But what is json? from the site : JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy […]